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Tips About Room And Interior Decoration

A glance at the room and you could know that something is amiss. In spite of furniture, color, décor and other such things your room could still look flat. If it is so you are one amongst the many and the answer could like in texture. The problem is that texture always comes as an afterthought. We will try and explain why texture is important and how it helps the room look great. It helps in coming out with great designs.

What Is Texture

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Texture is the sensation which one gets because of the external surface of various objects which is felt by touching them. It is basically about touch and feel. Acts like running a hand on a tabletop, or holding carpet between your toes are examples or just sinking into a sofa cushion. It is perception to touch and it is not about physical contact. While it might play a supporting role it is important for successful designing. Sitting on unpolished granite is the opposite of what has been mentioned above.


It Contributes To Visual Weight


Being in touch with sites like Freshome would have helped you to learn more about visual weight. This is all about an object having the ability to draw attention on its own. Adding texture will always make this possible. Rough textures could help to make the space look intimate while smooth ones could make it look sleek and aloof. Textures should go hand in hand as you design the room. Smooth textures next to a rough one will make the rough one stand apart. Hence you should distance them properly to achieve the right visual weight.


It Brings In Balance

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Contrast is needed when needed. When it comes to quality design contrast helps keep things in balance and enhances visual interest. Uniform look makes it difficult for the eyes to focus and one tends to glaze over it. Texture helps the various elements to stand out. However, one needs to be restrained and not go overboard on texture. Restricting to a couple of different textures is recommended in a single space. It can be increased to three if the whole space is to be considered as a whole.


They Can Help When Shades Are Different


Textures can help when one is working on a single color palette and where shades are almost similar. When you are opting for analogous or monochromatic color scheme, it is important to choose items with heavy contrast. When they are combined they will help in uniformity.


How To Use Texture In Homes


While advantages of texture are quite obvious unless they are done effectively in your home they may not yield the right results. The following tips could be useful for the right room texture:


Architectural elements matter. If you have chair rails, crown molding or tray ceilings, try and make them as a main point of focus. In case of furniture reading chairs in satin, benches in wood and marble tabletops can help a lot. When it comes to door items you could look for shadow boxes, knick knacks and also a good collection of flowers.


Wall And Floor Coverings: You also could think about a throw rug and some well thought out patterned wall designs which will help a lot in bringing in depth. For textiles you could use slip covers, blankets and even throw pillows.

Képtalálat a következőre: „interior design”

However, if you would like to experiment and they buy, there are some apps including Home Design 3D App which could help you choose different colors and textures via smart phone.


Pattern Vs Texture: Both are talked together but they are different as far as design is concerned. Pattern is about visual point and texture is about actual touch and feel. Hence both these must be incorporated in the right mix.


Finally whether you opt for throw rug or try other ways to bring life to your living space, texture has a role to play. It makes your room complete. It helps to lift your interiors. You should not hesitate to use textures creatively which perhaps could be published in magazines.

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