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Dining room design ideas

Of all the rooms that can be accessed in any home, it is the dining room which is usually accorded the most attention. This is the only place where family and friends come together for special moments and this could explain to us why the focus always tend to be on this specific part of the house. There are a couple of ideas you can settle for to turn your dining room into a magical reality and many of these tend to focus on how to create a balance between the dining room space and components.

Check on the table design and positioning

Arguably, the most important item in the dining room is the table. Table positioning influences how easily people can move within the dining room and this brings about the concept of spacing. Table constriction details are of importance. The table size to be settled on must be proportional to the overall dining room setting. Natural materials such as wood, stone and glass are preferred for table construction. Reason being is that these materials offer flexibility in case there is need to change the overall table design.

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Put a beautiful rug on the dining room floor

Without a rug, odds are high that the table will have an awkward look since it is the item that stands out the most in the dining room. Rugs are of benefit in that they offer comfort and warmth. Their color should blend with that of the other components within the dining room. Besides grounding the floor, rugs also help in infusing comfort and warmth and these aspects works great especially if the floor is concrete or wood.

Construct multiple light sources to brighten the room

Light sources settled on should ensure that lighting is evenly distributed in the dining room. Lighting fixtures should also have some visual appeal in them and also be spread evenly on the table length. It is also recommended that the fixtures should be fitted with light ambiance control. This is good as it the lighting can be controlled to fit the theme of the current dining room use, whether it is for a romantic dinner, reading or just a general family gathering.

Consider putting different chair designs around the table

Different chair designs give a friendly and relaxed user interface while in the dining room. The design consideration should focus on aspects such as the chair shapes, color and artistic impressions. If all these factors are cleverly combined, the assurance is that anybody using the dining room will always have a sense of belonging and relaxation.

Put creative work of art on the dining room wall

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Arts do give out creativity, aesthetic appeal and a general flow of positive energy in the dining room. Artistic wall pieces capture the attention of visitors and this factor is important especially if you want a dining room that uniquely stands out and is aesthetically admired.

Making a dining room to be ever fit for celebratory mood may at times be difficult. This is the case as the requirement is that everything must optimally function on day-to-day basis. Comfortably going over this requires a striking balance between comfort and the resulting elegance. The meaning is that you should only opt for ideas that will bring out your desired dining room look and a long lasting aesthetic appeal which can be cherished for many years to come.


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Rug Safety 101

Rugs are a great and important necessity around homes, especially when you have hardwood floors and tile floors. Not only do rugs bring the home a sense of welcome and go with the decorating that you have done but they also help to protect the floors from your furniture. A major problem that people have nowadays with rugs though are having them bunching up and slipping around on the floor. But there is a solution to fixing this problem and that is putting a slip pad under your rug. This will hope so that the rug stays on the floor and doesn’t move around or bunch up as it was before. This will stop all those accidents of falling on the floor from the rug slipping out from underneath you for sure. But if you need a little more convincing on the matter here are some things that you really should consider when it comes to non-slip rug pads.

Consider safety as a selling point. If you rug is placed on hardwood floors or on a tile floor you are risking the chance of slips and falls. It’s a fact that I am sure you are aware of that rugs do not like to stay still when placed on hardwood floors and tiles when there is nothing under them to stop them. Even if the packaging says non-slip padding is attached to the bottom it may bot be sticky enough so that it doesn’t slip from under you. These non-slip rug pads make your home a much safer environment for everyone that comes into your home. So don’t just think about yourself when you are picking this out but also think of your friends, your kids, and your family.

Another factor that you should really add into the equation is to protect your wooden floors. Wood is a precious thing in your home and with the non-slip rug pads, it will help to protect the floors from dents, scratches, and dyes. When you have rugs in certain room’s one room can let in too much light and others might be more humid than others so this can cause the rugs dye to seep into the floor causing permanent stains. By putting a non-slip rug will help to protect it for sure. Be sure that you choose the correct slip. A recommendation for a non-slip rug pad would be naturally felt rug pads. They help to prevent stains from the rug pad itself so that you are protecting your floors from every direction.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when making this decision, but a non-slip rug pad should be considered a necessity in everyone’s home. They are inexpensive and easy to find in all home good stores. You have to think of your safety when it comes to this, especially if you have children and they have friends coming around for them. Another thing is to protect your floors from staining, denting, or scratching. So when you are shopping through the aisles at your store, you should pick one up and see if it works for your home, it can’t hurt it get it a try.

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Tips About Room And Interior Decoration

A glance at the room and you could know that something is amiss. In spite of furniture, color, décor and other such things your room could still look flat. If it is so you are one amongst the many and the answer could like in texture. The problem is that texture always comes as an afterthought. We will try and explain why texture is important and how it helps the room look great. It helps in coming out with great designs.

What Is Texture

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Texture is the sensation which one gets because of the external surface of various objects which is felt by touching them. It is basically about touch and feel. Acts like running a hand on a tabletop, or holding carpet between your toes are examples or just sinking into a sofa cushion. It is perception to touch and it is not about physical contact. While it might play a supporting role it is important for successful designing. Sitting on unpolished granite is the opposite of what has been mentioned above.


It Contributes To Visual Weight


Being in touch with sites like Freshome would have helped you to learn more about visual weight. This is all about an object having the ability to draw attention on its own. Adding texture will always make this possible. Rough textures could help to make the space look intimate while smooth ones could make it look sleek and aloof. Textures should go hand in hand as you design the room. Smooth textures next to a rough one will make the rough one stand apart. Hence you should distance them properly to achieve the right visual weight.


It Brings In Balance

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Contrast is needed when needed. When it comes to quality design contrast helps keep things in balance and enhances visual interest. Uniform look makes it difficult for the eyes to focus and one tends to glaze over it. Texture helps the various elements to stand out. However, one needs to be restrained and not go overboard on texture. Restricting to a couple of different textures is recommended in a single space. It can be increased to three if the whole space is to be considered as a whole.


They Can Help When Shades Are Different


Textures can help when one is working on a single color palette and where shades are almost similar. When you are opting for analogous or monochromatic color scheme, it is important to choose items with heavy contrast. When they are combined they will help in uniformity.


How To Use Texture In Homes


While advantages of texture are quite obvious unless they are done effectively in your home they may not yield the right results. The following tips could be useful for the right room texture:


Architectural elements matter. If you have chair rails, crown molding or tray ceilings, try and make them as a main point of focus. In case of furniture reading chairs in satin, benches in wood and marble tabletops can help a lot. When it comes to door items you could look for shadow boxes, knick knacks and also a good collection of flowers.


Wall And Floor Coverings: You also could think about a throw rug and some well thought out patterned wall designs which will help a lot in bringing in depth. For textiles you could use slip covers, blankets and even throw pillows.

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However, if you would like to experiment and they buy, there are some apps including Home Design 3D App which could help you choose different colors and textures via smart phone.


Pattern Vs Texture: Both are talked together but they are different as far as design is concerned. Pattern is about visual point and texture is about actual touch and feel. Hence both these must be incorporated in the right mix.


Finally whether you opt for throw rug or try other ways to bring life to your living space, texture has a role to play. It makes your room complete. It helps to lift your interiors. You should not hesitate to use textures creatively which perhaps could be published in magazines.

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4 Reasons Why Your Walls Need Wall Art

Although some people treat wall art as an afterthought, it is one of the latest things in interior design. The broad range of options available today allows you to decorate your house in a way that suits your tastes and preferences. When wall art is chosen appropriately, it can transform an entire room into a space of your dreams. If you are still skeptical about giving wall art a pre-eminent role in designing your rooms, here is what you stand to gain:

Wall art creates a focal point

The primary principle of interior design is to build a central point that can draw the eye in space instantly. With a great piece of art, you can effortlessly achieve that goal by, for example hanging a favorite artwork in your living room or your master suite. Hanging tapestries in a seating area also come in handy while a creative gallery wall can modernize a relatively traditional dining area. When choosing pieces of wall art to act as a focal point, you must put size into consideration. This is because too small wall art pieces get overshadowed by the surrounding furniture, whereas big ones appear to be spilling over. You, therefore, need to get the size of your walls right to help you find the suitable piece of artwork.

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It makes spaces look complete

Wall art pulls a space together, making it appear and feel more finished. It is an element that adds an extra touch to your room thereby making it not only functional but also picturesque. Pieces of art that fits in with your room’s decorating style serve this purpose, and hence the need to choose intelligently. Remember to make sure that you choose a décor that you will love for the rest of your stay in your home.

Instant color palette

Designing your interiors requires you to choose an excellent color palette, but it can turn out to be a daunting task. Fortunately, wall art saves you all that trouble because you only need to find a wall hanging or painting that you like. You can begin by looking for two or three shades of wall art that can go well with your décor. Try to mix a dominant color with several other shades that can pull out exceptional accents. Make sure that these colors match with those of the items you are decorating your room with.

Provides a great deal of texture

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With the broad range of artwork, you can find a variety of pieces that can help you add a sense of touch to your space. Note that rough textures tend to make spaces feel grounded and intimate while smooth ones, sleek and aloof. You can easily find two or three-dimensional prints and paintings that can add a different sense of texture. You could also ponder investing in shadow boxes or sculptures to add some depth to your room. If you are daring enough, you can go for a little media installation that will include some digital art or screens.

As you can see, wall art should not be your last piece to consider when decorating your space. Make it your priority and you will always enjoy the good ambiance.

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4 Ways Furniture Can Contribute To Good Interior Design

Both beginners and professionals know how essential furniture is in complementing the overall look and design of a room. What most wouldn’t know is that furniture should be on top of the priority list when it comes to fashionable interior design. Here are 4 good reasons why:

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Furniture Flaunts Personal Style

Filling up a room with your choice of furniture is by itself an artistic expression. Some might go for a collectivist kind of furniture, while others may prefer a loft with Scandinavian interiors. This goes to show how our homes largely reflect our personalities.

Studies show how interior design can affect our moods and our thinking as we enter a room. It also shows how our style and choices affect the perception of the people around us. There are indeed many interior design options- do you prioritize seating, or do you prefer comfort over style? How you choose furniture brands also plays a role on the end result.

Choose design pieces and furniture that you’d like to have in your home, then emulate that look with the furniture you have at hand. In the end, it’s all up to you to choose how to put your personality in the best possible light!

Furniture Evens Out Visual Weight

Ever heard the words “visual weight” when reading about interior design? It’s not as hard as it seems. Instinct has given us the ability to innately understand visual weight- for example, move all the furniture to one side of the room and you’ll feel as if the whole world has lost its balance and teetered over the edge!

Visual weight is all about balancing a room. If you have large furniture, make sure to evenly spread them out as to distribute the weight that comes with them. Group the larger items with smaller ones to vary interest points. When done, simply do a scan with your eyes and feel the room as a whole. That should be enough to clue you in if the balance is perfectly set or not.

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Furniture Controls Flow of Movement

Arranging furniture is a lot like running through a maze. You’ll have to consider how to move around them. Visual and physical breathing room should be one of the most important things you’ll have to think about when designing a room. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Break one large room into smaller components.

Arrange seating in a way that encourages conversations.

Don’t put the furniture too close to the wall. Follow the 3-inch rule.

Leave room to maneuver around tables and seating spaces.

Place the furniture to allow moving around them, not through.

The optimal number of pathways for a room is around two.

If in doubt, do a test run around and see where you end up.

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Visual designers might find it delightful to set up multiple arrangements on an app without lifting one finger. There are furniture arrangement apps available for both iOS and android phones and tablets they can use before moving the furniture.

Furniture Defines Function

We all know that there are important furniture pieces for specific parts of a home. A bed should furnish a bedroom, while a dining table is essential in dining rooms.

Before getting some furniture, think about how you intend to use the room. Once you determine that, then the essential furniture you’ll need will naturally follow. A guest room should have plenty of seating options. Putting up a home office requires a desk you can work on during the day.

Pick one central furniture piece that defines the function and build your design around it. Arrange the items in a way that the viewer’s eye will be drawn towards that central piece.

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Tips for Creating a Stylish and Comfortable Room

As frequent readers of design websites such as Freshome, it is quite normal to find that most of us view appealing aesthetics as an important component of interior design. However, there are also those individuals who believe the available rooms in our homes must offer the much-needed comfort, which is ultimately the principal absorber of stress resulting from our interaction with the outside world.

Even though there are products that are both comfortable and stylish in nature, it is always common to experience a little give and take when designing your entire apartment. Under such instances, it can be quite tough to balance style and comfort correctly so as to realize the final structure that matches your desires.

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Thankfully, the article has got you covered when it comes to this particular issue. It aims at explaining to you when it is appropriate to cave into comfort against splurging on style. Kindly use this as your primary guide so that you may be able to create a room that perfectly matches your needs regarding both comfort and style.

Consider a style that is Transitional.

Have you realized that there is precisely a type of interior design that operates as the middle ground between traditional and modern design? If you didn’t know, it is referred to as transitional, and the theory behind this particular aesthetic is finding the correct balance between style and comfort.

It is essential to note that even though you might have seen some elements that are rustic applied in modern design as a way of creating juxtaposition and contrast or vice versa, this is not the same as the transitional design. However, transitional rooms specifically aim at incorporating a comparatively the same number of traditional and modern pieces so as to create an overall balanced space.

For the other transitional styles, focus on incorporating clean and straight lines, by using neutrals that are warm such as chocolate browns and tans, and preferably work with woods. Additionally, add taste to your space by mixing elements of statements that are trendy or vintage.

Go for comfort when it matters the most

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In a true world, one would never have to select between style and comfort when purchasing the products or items to occupy your space. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and individuals have to choose.

It is important to opt for comfort when you mostly need it The truth is, it does not matter how appealing that cool couch looks when you don’t love sitting on it for extended periods of time, does it? Prioritize on comfort only when it comes to visible functional items such as textiles, furniture to lounge on, and may be a flooring that is comfortable to your feet.

Additionally, the budget is equally an important factor to look into Bearing in mind that you are likely preserve comfortable items for longer periods, consider this when you are purchasing expensive items so that you may get your money’s worth.

Infuse visual elements with style.

After you have designed a comfortable foundation, take a few moments off and study the rest of the room keenly. Give yourself a challenge by identifying the areas in which you can incorporate your sense of style into Probably you don’t have to worry about this, bearing in mind that the options are pretty much numerous.

Target the areas that will likely have the striking visual impact. This implies that factors such as the color paint that you put on your walls, wall hangings plus other absolute decor items which you will decorate the room with, and the lighting fixtures.

Because trends do change rather rapidly, it is not wrong to preserve your stylistic to specific items that are less expensive. This way, if you find it difficult giving the room a makeover in just a couple of years, you will be able to eliminate items such as pictures and unwanted pillows so that you may create an entirely new look without spending anything.

Purchase what you love.

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Under this factor, there is the thing with both style and comfort. As a matter of fact, they are entirely subjective. What might seem like a perfectly designed space to you might as well not be somebody’s bottle of wine, and the same applies to whether or not you find a space relaxing and appealing as opposed to much too small.

Since you are the only individual who can tell if something matches your level of comfort and aesthetic taste, the best advice we can offer is to try to see your design elements personally before purchasing them. The prospect of shopping online is always convenient, but sometimes cameras can omit slight details that make a design pop. Additionally, there is no adequate information; that might tell you how you’ll feel about lounging on a type of furniture after a long day.

After you have found design elements that are ideal for you, go for them with confidence! Remember, in the end, it does not depend on whether the pieces are super modern, modern or traditional. As long as you are contented with them, they are likely to be worthwhile investments for your home.

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It is critical to note that when redesigning your space, the manner in which a room feels is an important factor to consider. A room comprising of the most beautiful furniture, but is uncomfortable to relax in is just the same as a room that has totally outdated decor. A quality design is that which offers a balance between style and comfort. We have got the ideal tips at our disposal, to aid work these factors together so as to create an enjoyable and relaxing space that you will luxuriate in for years to come.