Buying Rug Pads

Tips When Buying Rug Pads

Rug pads are very helpful in keeping the valuable rug on the floor. They will prevent the rug from moving. They also protect the rug against wear and tear. A rug which has been secured in place by pads will not wrinkle; this plays a great role in prolonging the lifespan of the rug.

In most people the rug pads may seem less important, but they play a great role in protecting the rug against damages. Most people will buy rugs and ignore the much needed rug pad which will make the rugs serve them well.

How Do You Buy Rug Pad or For Others Also?

Although the oriental rug pads will be hidden under your rug, they are very necessary for you to buy when buying your rug. Some sales people will try to sell to you a rug after you have bought a carpet. You should not perceive it as unnecessary upgrade. The rugs will help you in prolonging the lifespan of your valuable carpet. The rugs also make carpets very comfortable to walk on as well as cushioning small children who will like to play in homes. They as well reduce noise and insulate the home.

Compare area rug pad materials and benefits

Most residential rug pads are made out of polyurethane foam. The pad is also referred to as re-bond. This is because it is simply made out of pieces which have been recycled from foam and bonded together. It has a multi-color appearance. The pad can as well be made out of felt, urethane, rubber, fibers among other materials.

Choose the proper thickness and density

Loop, commercial and low pile carpet will do better when applied with a thinner and denser pad. If you have cut pile, which is available in most homes, you should use a pad which is not more than half an inch thick. The density should be at least 5lb. More dense pads work well for cut pile.

Homes with pets

If you have pets in your home, then you need to choose a pad which has moisture barrier. This is necessary for you to have the pad absorbing moisture due to urine from the pets. It is also the right choice if you have children who will likely spill fluids on the carpet. The moisture barrier will prevent the moisture from penetrating into the pad which will cause stain and odor.

Replace rug pad when replacing your rug

You need to replace your pad as well if you are having a new carpet in place. This is because with time the pads will break down and start releasing odors and stains to your brand new carpet.

A pad which is too thick can easily expose your carpet to wrinkles. It will also extend too much stress on the seams which will make the carpet start separating during the re-stretching process.

Rug pad installation process

Start by removing old underlay

You can use pliers, gloves, utility knife, tackles strips, carpet knife, stapler, nails and hammer to remove the old underlay.

Pull out the old carpet starting from the edges.

With the help of pliers, pull out all the staples.

Remove glued underlay. You can pull out by hand.

Finally you will have to lay the new rug pad.